Daily routine

Daily routine

Free play
On arrival at pre-school children hang up their coats and wash their hands before picking an activity that they want to play with for the first part of the morning. This gives the children time to enjoy their favourite games/toys before registration.

Throughout the day we feel it is important to allow the children to select their own areas to play with/in to support learning though play and allow free choice.

Registration is an important part of keeping our children safe and accounted for, it is also a friendly environment in which the children learn one of their first examples of the routine of ‘big school’.  We also use this time to share news and letters, encouraging children to stand up and talk in front of their peers about trips / holidays away.

Small group activity
Children work in groups of 5-6 at a time to complete activities, which are prepared and led by one of our staff.

Tidy up
Children learn that ‘tidy up’ is an important part of taking responsibility for their actions and caring for their toys.

Wash hands and snack
We believe in healthy eating, therefore, all children are asked to bring in a piece of fruit or a vegetable for the session they attend. We then share this between the children to offer them a variety of tastes and textures in food. We also encourage children to drink fresh water or milk at snack time, although water is available to drink throughout the session.

Outdoor play
Children can play outside at various stages in the day but at these times and weather permitting all children are encouraged to play outside to enjoy physical activity and fresh air. Making the most of our sandpit, cars, tricycles, bikes, scooters, water play, and other toys.

Group/Story time
Story time prepares the children for the end of session calming and relax at the end of their busy and happy day.

Children are encouraged to bring objects for ‘Show & Tell’. These need to be labelled with their name and ideally in relation to the current learning topic. If an object is not brought in your child will be encouraged to take part by talking about something of their choice.