Committee roles

As the pre-school operates as a registered charity, a parent-run committee is required to ensure the pre-school can continue to stay open.  In order for the committee to exist, a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary need to be voted in at the AGM each academic year.

Please find information about these roles, plus four further key roles in our committee, below:


Key responsibilities:

  • Oversee the running of the pre-school with Supervisor
  • Liaise between Supervisor, staff, committee and parents
  • Organise and chair committee meetings
  • Liaise between Community Centre and pre-school
  • Liaise with Early Years, PSLA if required
  • Conduct annual review with Supervisor
  • Interview candidates with Supervisor


Key responsibilities:

  • All roles above in absence of Chair
  • Assist Chair in all duties and support Chair with counsel

 TREASURER – you don’t need to be an accountant but good financial knowledge is required.

Key responsibilities:

  • Deal with all financial matters of the pre-school, liaising with pre-school administrator
  • Maintain, track and report details of income and expenditure for committee
  • Budget/Forecast when necessary, ensuring fundraising levels are maintained
  • Prepare annual summary for auditor and give annual financial report at AGM
  • Submit annual accounts onto Charity Commission Website
  • Prepare floats, count & bank money, produce profit/loss report for key fundraising events
  • Produce contracts of employment and annual payment summaries for staff


Key responsibilities:

  • Notify Committee members of meeting dates and prepare agenda
  • Minute meetings, produce minutes and distribute
  • Oversee updating of Policies & Procedures when necessary
  • Create newsletter using information provided by Supervisor


  • Organise & oversee fundraising events, hold sub-meetings to arrange specific events
  • Organise raffle tickets & prizes where necessary getting donations for raffles
  • Distribute posters and leaflets to advertise events
  • Explore new and existing fundraising channels – school schemes, ask local businesses for donations/partnerships


  • Generate local media coverage for pre-school events
  • Generate advertising material for pre-school events
  • Maintain and update pre-school website and Facebook page
  • Apply for grants & funding when available

Health & Safety Officer

  • Make regular checks on toys and equipment
  • Assist with Risk Assessment
  • Oversee pre-school’s insurance etc.


  • Assist where possible in any of the above roles, particularly fundraising activities
  • Provide assistance at coffee mornings and donate cakes etc
  • Help with cleaning/mending equipment